Sibling pop stars Hanson have become the latest group to reveal all about their secret struggles in a documentary. The trio's three-year struggle with record company executives at Island/Def Jam, while recording 2004 album UNDERNEATH, features in new film STRONG ENOUGH TO BREAK. Drummer ZAC HANSON insists the film is an interesting look at the state of the record industry. He tells, "The film is important, not because it's about Hanson, because who cares, we're just one more band, but because there are so many similar stories, like what happened to Fiona Apple and Wilco. It's sort of the norm." Hanson hopes the next generation of music stars will learn from the film: "We went to colleges all over the country to screen (the movie) and did lectures to spread the word about all the changes that are going on (in the industry) right now. "There are a lot of new avenues, and people really need to be involved in deciding where this industry goes and how music is sold over the next 10 years." Strong Enough To Break premiered at the recent Hollywood Film Festival and will be released on DVD later this year (06).