The orchestral score for The Dark Knight could again be nominated for an Oscar, after the Academy reversed a decision declaring it ineligible.

The Music Branch Executive Committee of the Academy ruled on November 10th that the score for the blockbuster film was ineligible for an Oscar as five names were listed on the music cue sheet.

The Academy typically considers works by either one or two composers and said The Dark Knight could not be nominated for the best original score Oscar.

But after a review of the case and information submitted by those involved, the committee has concluded that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard were solely responsible for the score itself and reinstated it for Oscar consideration.

The Hollywood Reporter states that as neither nomination ballots nor lists of eligible scores had been distributed to Academy members, the reinstatement would not affect the voting process for the 2009 Oscars.

It was announced last week that The Dark Knight - released on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 8th - is to be re-released in US cinemas on January 23rd.

The movie is just $4 million (£2.7 million) short of joining an exclusive group of films to have earned more than $1 billion (£684 million) worldwide.

09/12/2008 12:58:55