Hollywood superstar MEL GIBSON still has nightmares about the time he watched as his daughter almost run to her death in a busy road.

The movie star was a young 26-year-old dad when his first child Hannah caused his heart to stop during a shopping trip.

He recalls, "I took her to the store to buy some soy milk. I'm asking which brand is better and all this kind of stuff, and I took my eye off her for a minute. I looked up, and she was gone.

"I looked outside the store and she was on a footpath with traffic flying by. She was waving to a girl in a bus shed across the street. The girl worked for us part-time, helping take care of the children, so Hannah recognised her.

"There were about 20 yards I had to cover. I dropped everything. It was like slow motion. I knocked old ladies out of the way.

"I jumped over everything in creation and I got to her, and grabbed her by the back of the shirt just as she was stepping off the curb into the street. I think I p***ed my pants on the spot."

05/04/2004 20:58