Hannah Spearritt ''couldn't move'' after having breast augmentation surgery.

The S Club 7 singer decided to undergo the operation to move from a B cup to a C cup but following the operation, she started sleeping all day and her hair even fell out in big clumps.

She said: ''My operation was performed by a top Harley Street cosmetic surgeon. I paid top dollar. I never felt womanly enough on top. I'd compare myself to the other girls in the band during photoshoots and was jealous of their beautiful curves ...

''Within six months my hair started to fall out in clumps. Then I started sleeping more and more - eventually 22 hours a day. I couldn't move from bed because my muscles were aching. I lost balance, I was always freezing cold and my brain fog meant I couldn't remember anything.''

The 37-year-old singer and actress sought advice from a number of doctors, who just passed her symptoms off, so she was relieved when one doctor said it could be related to her implants.

She added: ''I always suspected it deep down but to hear a doctor finally give me an answer was the best feeling. I felt stupid and embarrassed that I'd done this to myself, and didn't believe Adam for so long ... I woke from the op feeling 60 per cent better almost instantly. My temperature rose up to normal and my fever disappeared, as did the fatigue and anxiety. My natural energy just came back.''

And Hannah is grateful she's had them removed and has no plans to bring them back.

She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: ''Oh they didn't suit me at all. They felt weird and swollen. It's wonderful being back to normal. I love my flat chest.''