Hannah Simone is pregnant and married.

The 'New Girl' actress is reportedly expecting her first child with actor and photographer Jesse Giddings and it has also been revealed that the pair secretly tied the knot in June 2016, Us Weekly reports.

Although Hannah, 36, and Jesse, 32, have never officially confirmed their relationship, they are believed to have been together since at least 2014.

And Jesse often posts gushing messages about the actress on Instagram, including in 2015 when he wrote: ''Congratulations to the most beautiful, talented, fascinating, badass girl I know on 100 New Girl episodes shot this week!!! Here's to another 100!!@therealhannahsimone #Muse (sic).''

Meanwhile, before she found fame in 'New Girl', Hannah admitted she was chased by the paparazzi, who thought she was reality TV star Kim Kardashian West.

She said: ''I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles from Toronto, eight or nine years ago, I was coming out of a restaurant and I had my bangs and a high ponytail and Kim had just got cut bangs.

''I wasn't on a show - nothing. And then all of sudden this herd of paparazzi was chasing me down a street screaming, 'Kim!' I didn't know what was happening, I didn't know who Kim was.

''It wasn't until a friend down the road yelled at me, 'They think you're Kim Kardashian!' I was like, what the heck?'

''That's the closest I've ever gotten to a Kardashian: being mistaken for one.''