Country music legend Hank Williams' radio performances are to be released at last after years of legal wrangling between the singer's family and music publishers.
Hank Williams' Mother's Best radio programmes will be released this autumn (08) thanks to a deal cut with the Time Life group by the late legend's children, Jett and Hank Williams Jr.
The 143 previously-unreleased recordings were made in 1951 for Williams' show on radio station WSM-AM in Nashville, Tennessee.
The shows were trashed and salvaged by a WSM employee, who attempted to market the recordings upon realising what they were.
One record label which attempted to release the recordings lost a legal challenge. Williams' estate then fought an eight-year battle to establish sole ownership of the tapes, according to
The recordings are believed to include 40 songs Williams never performed and others he never recorded commercially.
The Mother's Best shows will be released periodically over the next three years.
Thrilled Jett Williams says, "These recordings were my vehicle to get to really know the father I never met. Everyone will get to know the man and his musical genius as never before."