Country rocker Hank Williams Jr could stand trial for misdemeanour assault charges brought by a cocktail waitress, who alleges he attempted to choke her. His case was passed over to a Shelby County grand jury in Tennessee yesterday (18SEP06) after Criminal Court Judge GWEN ROOKS ruled that probable cause was established. The waitress, HOLLY HORNBEAK, testified she had bruising on her neck and that she was hoarse the day after she was allegedly abused by the star, who she also claims shouted obscenities at her in the foyer of a local hotel in March (06). The tirade apparently kicked off when Hornbeak claimed not to know who he was, to which he responded, "I'm Hank Williams Jr, bitch," before attempting unsuccessfully to kiss her. A private lawyer hired by Hornbeak's parents demanded $250,000 (GBP133,000) from Williams two days later. Hornbeak says, "It was a serious attack and this is not something you take lightly." After the alleged attack, Hornbeak claims Williams' publicist, KIRT WEBSTER, gave her his phone number and offered her a free pass to a Williams concert that weekend. However, Williams' defence lawyer LESLIE BALLIN told the jury on Monday (18SEP06), "She didn't go to a doctor, she didn't take pictures of these alleged red marks and bruises. C'mon now." He added later, "Talking about victims? I'm representing one here. This is an attempt at a financial hijacking. There was no assault." If Williams is convicted, he could face up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, as well as a fine.