Country rebel Hank Williams Jr has a newfound respect for singer LEE ANN WOMACK after she agreed to accompany him on a fishing trip for an upcoming TV special. Williams feared the pretty singer would be too delicate on board a rocking boat out at sea, but she quickly proved she's one of the guys when it comes to catching and gutting fish. He says, "We're 40 miles out in the Gulf Of Mexico and there's squid and slimy stuff all over the deck, but she never got sick. "She jumped in there with that big reel and reeled 'em in... She was perfect. She was great. I thought, 'Man, I'm afraid she could get hurt and might fall in.' "Let me tell you something: Lee Ann Womack is a country girl. She knows what she's doing. And I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised. "(One minute) she's sitting there putting lip gloss on and reading a fashion magazine (and then) she jumped up there... There's some grit to Lee Ann Womack, let me tell you that."