Nervous funnyman Hank Azaria fell down and shattered his ribs on his first date following his divorce from actress Helen Hunt.
The Along Came Polly star was so distraught by their split in 2010 he started dating too soon and instantly made a fool of himself.
He tells Elle magazine, "It was kind of a disaster... I was leaving a friend's house who had some construction work going on. It was dark out. I remember saying to myself, 'Be careful, there are a lot of holes around here.' And I fell in a hole anyway - a six-foot hole - and I actually busted a couple of ribs.
"I was all dirty and bloody, and I showed up at this girl's door. You'd think I would have taken the hint that God was telling me I wasn't ready to date."
The actor has since found love with girlfriend Katie Wright, the mother of his two-year-old son Hank.