Swedish rockers Hammerfall have blasted record labels for signing too many bands, insisting music moguls should be more selective about the acts they sign. Lead guitarist OSCAR DRONJAK says the record industry should concentrate on promoting talented live performers instead of trying to release as many albums as possible by poorer artists. He fumes, "There are way too many albums and the labels should take more responsibility and pay more attention to the quality of their products. Back in the 70s and 80s the labels signed a band after they'd watched a good performance by the band. This is not the case anymore. "I mean, back then the band had played as much as possible and got themselves a name in certain territories. "I assume that the labels get like 200 new demos every day. Instead of signing 25 new bands the labels should pick only a few bands which they back up 100 per cent. Many labels simply leave bands out in the cold without even doing some real promotion for the albums."