Halsey and Awkwafina star in a new campaign for ModCloth to celebrate International Women's Day (08.03.19).

The 24-year-old pop star has teamed up with actresses Dascha Polanco, Awkwafina and Hari Nef to co-star in the online clothing retailer's 'Against the Current' campaign to celebrate the annual day - which advocates women's rights and equality - and the songstress insisted that she doesn't ''entertain'' any ''scenarios'' that come with an ''inequality''.

In a statement, Halsey said: ''I think being a woman in this world, you can often feel like it's demanded of you to give and demanded of you to give with poise under pressure even when you feel like you can't. One of the things I've learned is to not entertain relationships or scenarios that come with an inequality, that come with a lack of balance and power.''

The much-anticipated campaign features each of the four women battling the four different elements, air, water, fire and earth, and ''emerging even stronger because of their fearless ability to express who they truly are''.

'Eastside' hitmaker Halsey has previously admitted that having a global platform allows her to advocate for ''change'' with her own art.

Speaking to Glamour magazine, she added: ''I have obviously been given this massive privilege and responsibility to effect change. At the end of the day, no matter how meaningless one person might consider my art, it could have meant the world to somebody else.''

Meanwhile, Halsey took to Twitter to post a philosophical quote reminding herself to focus on her own happiness.

She wrote: ''Reminder to self: happiness is not a replacement for misery. it's an addition. pain will always be there. but that's okay. u allow happiness to join as another option. so when the time comes, it's there waiting, existing; a possibility for when you're ready to choose ... @ me: life is not pain vs happiness. one does not replace the other. they exist together. happiness doesn't arrive as a replacement. it arrives to assist u in carrying the weight of the pain ... @ me: now remember that u dummy (sic)''