Halsey has claimed there's no ''petty'' between her and her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy after fans thought she was implying he had a ''small d**k'' with her cryptic emoji use.

The 23-year-old singer sent fans into a frenzy over the weekend when she commented on her former flame's Instagram upload - which he had captioned ''Big D**k Energy'' - with a simple cloud, tornado and tear drop emoji.

His followers immediately thought she was throwing shade at the size of his penis, to which she clarified by following up with the comment: ''no petty here. caption dumb funny and stage looks dope. jealous of everyone who gets to see the show! (sic)''

Halsey has clearly had a hard time coming to terms with their separation as just days after their announcement, she broke down in tears while performing breakup ballad 'Sorry' onstage at the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan.

A fan captured the moment on Instagram and wrote: ''Homegirl started crying, so I started crying. I love you endlessly @halsey.''

The footage saw the beauty wiping away a tear after singing the words: ''Someone will love you / But someone isn't me.''

The split came as a shock to fans as only a few of months ago, Halsey admitted she was ''really happy'' with her life.

She said: ''I'm really happy with my life ... [I'm not] this reckless, devil-may-care, angry person [anymore] ... I really love that girl so much ... but now I'm 23, I bought a house and I do my taxes. At first, people were, like, 'This is a publicity stunt.' I was, like, 'Well, I hope to God it isn't, because if he's getting paid, I should be too!'''

A few days later, G-Eazy, 29, was seen holding hands with Demi Lovato on a night out, but he's adamant they're just ''friends.''