Halsey can't wait to be a mother.

The 22-year-old singer admitted she is desperate to start a family but believes her biological ''clock is ticking'' because she suffers from endometriosis.

When asked by Nova FM's Kent 'Smallzy' Small if children are on her mind, she said: ''I mean always but...my clock is ticking because I have endometriosis so, like, I have to think about those things differently than a lot of other women do.

''But also a lot of other women do because the disease affects so many people but I'm also a musician and tour. 'But I want to be a mum so badly, I love kids.

''I know so many kids and I have so many people who work for me that are the by-product of people who were touring and they're just the coolest kids.''

Halsey also revealed that she and Norwegian musician Lido, who have had an on/off relationship are now ''super broken up''.

Meanwhile, Halsey's revelation about her desire for children comes less than a year after she revealed she suffered a miscarriage on tour in 2015.

The singer - whose real name is Ashley Frangipane - tragically lost a baby just hours before she was due to perform, and went on to give the ''angriest'' show she'd ever given.

She recalled: ''I'm like, 'I have to cancel this show!' And everyone's kind of like, 'Well, it's Vevo LIFT, and it's three million impressions, so...'

''It's the angriest performance that I've ever done in my life.

''That was the moment of my life where I thought to myself, 'I don't feel like a f***ing human being anymore.'

''This thing, this music, Halsey, whatever it is that I'm doing, took precedence and priority over every decision that I made regarding this entire situation from the moment I found out until the moment it went wrong. I walked offstage and went into the parking lot and just started throwing up.''

The 'New Americana' hitmaker admitted she ''beat herself up'' over the tragedy, and thinks it happened because of her ''lifestyle''.

She said: ''I beat myself up for it. I think that the reason it happened is just the lifestyle I was living. I wasn't drinking. I wasn't doing drugs. I was f***ing overworked, in the hospital every couple of weeks because I was dehydrated, needing bags of IVs brought to my green room. I was anaemic, I was fainting. My body just broke the f**k down.''

And before suffering the miscarriage, Halsey admitted she was worried about how her pregnancy would affect her career.

She recalled thinking: ''What happens? Do I lose my record deal? Do I lose everything? Or do I keep [the pregnancy]? What are the fans going to think? What are the moms going to think? What is the Midwest going to think? What's f***ing everyone going to think?''