Producers of the new Halloween horror remake insist movie veteran Malcolm McDowell is the perfect actor to reprise Donald Pleasance's Loomis character - because he adds fun to the sinister role. Pleasance created the creepy character in the 1978 original and went on to play the part up until his death during the making of Halloween 6. Producer Malek Akkad - the son of the film's original executive producer Moustapha Akkad - admits replacing Pleasance was difficult, but he's thrilled with MCDowell's portrayal. He tells MTV News, "Every line he says is amazing. His interaction with all the other actors is wonderful, because he really has fun with the part. "He ad-libs a bit here and there, so he keeps the other actors on edge, and that makes for an exciting scene every time. "Donald really took it so seriously, which I loved about the guy, God bless him. He loved that character, and he used to say that he would keep going until we got to sequel number 22... He was the word-for-word guy and every word was so heavy. "Malcolm has a little more fun with it."