Halle Berry has been rushed to hospital following an injury to her head after a fall on the set of 'The Hive'.
The 'Catwoman' actress was sent in an ambulance to the Cedars Sinai medical centre in LA last night at approximately 10pm. Whilst it is clear that she hit her head during a fall on set, it is as yet unclear whether or not she was hit by a falling object which caused her to fall, or that she hit her head on the concrete floor as she fell. The film set was subsequently closed down until details on the fall are confirmed. Berry plays a 911 emergency services operator who answers a phone call from a young girl who has been kidnapped. She learns that she must face a killer from her past to be able to save the girl's life. The movie is set for release next year (2013).
The award winning 45-year-old is not the only actress to have been injured on a movie set recently. Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth was hit by some lightning equipment whilst filming TV series 'The Good Wife'. She was discharged, thankfully, shortly after being rushed to the Bellevue Hospital in Brooklyn.