Halle Berry is caught up in a tug of love over custody of her adopted daughter India, and is calling on the girl to make her own choice as to whether she wants the actress in her life.

Her estranged husband Eric Benet, who is India's biological father, insists the actress never officially adopted his daughter, revealing in a recent TV interview that Berry has been a stranger to the girl since they split over his infidelity.

Benet says, "It was something that was always discussed as a possibility but just never happened."

And now Berry is insisting it's up to 12-year-old India to decide just what she wants.

The actress says, "It's time to set some boundaries. India is old enough to read. She's a real little person, with feelings and a heart that aches.

"I've shared enough about it. I'm done."

29/07/2004 02:39