Halle Berry has a new stalker concern after a former Navy Seal made threats against her life and those of her manager and publicist.

The actress has won a restraining order against GREG BROUSSARD (corr), who insists he's destined to marry Berry.

Legal papers obtained by American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE outline a history of harassment, targeting the actress and her manager VINCENT CIRRINCIONE (corr).

The documents claim the Louisiana man even showed up at Cirrincione's office to threaten him verbally, and state, "Mr Broussard has stated that he intends to become betrothed to Ms Berry, and incorrectly believes that Mr Cirrincione is Ms Berry's father."

The statement continues, "He has stated repeatedly that, while 'he does not want to hurt anybody,' he will not be prevented from meeting with Ms Berry and Mr Cirrincione."

Given Broussard's military background and erratic behaviour, the plaintiffs have been advised to treat this stalker incident more seriously than any other.

In her written declaration filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Berry relays her fears: "Mr Broussard, a stranger to me, has imagined a relationship with me, wherein he and I are engaged to be married, and that my manager and publicist are preventing him from being with me.

"I do not know Mr Broussard and do not wish to have any contact with him... The threats he has relayed make me fear for my own safety as well as those who represent me."

According to the documents, Broussard has sent a number of "inappropriate gifts" to Cirrincione's office for Berry,

including an engagement ring.

Broussard is reportedly under investigation by federal and state authorities in Louisiana for assault and making threats.

27/05/2004 02:23