Halle Berry's split from her singer husband Eric Benet has led her to realise she actually has a very good life.

The DIE ANOTHER DAY star, who announced her separation from Benet last month (OCT03), believes her financial status and good health are enough to prevent her from feeling she has a bad life.

She says, "I'm learning to be happy no matter what's happening. I'm happy I'm alive and healthy. I don't have that many problems really. We make our own problems often, and society makes problems.

"But unless you're starving and have medical problems with no way to get help, life isn't that bad. You just have lessons we all have to learn. That's how I'm looking at my situation right now, and I feel I learn something every time.

"The truth is, you can't experience real joy if you haven't experienced real pain."

06/11/2003 01:30