Halle Berry is using tips from an old teacher to help her adopted 11-year-old daughter get to grips with beauty regimes.

Berry credits one of her fifth grade teacher, a fellow African American, for helping her come to terms with her roots and her looks while she was growing up in a largely white school.

And now the Bond girl is passing on beauty tips to husband Eric Benet's daughter India.

Berry says, "My mother is white, but my teacher helped me embrace my culture - part of me that my mother doesn't share.

"At India's school, they all wear uniforms, and that helps. She doesn't get caught up in wanting the new Prada bag for school.

"Since she's a black child, I'm trying to teach her a good, healthy, self-image - how to be proud of who she authentically is and not try to conform, making her hair super straight because all her friends have naturally straight hair."