Halle Berry once promised to fulfil longtime Playboy picture editor MARILYN GRABOWSKI's dream and bare all for the men's magazine.

The actress was an aspiring superstar 10 years ago when she agreed to meet with Grabowski after she was made an attractive offer to pose for Hugh Hefner's publication.

Grabowski, who discovered Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith among others, recalls, "Halle Berry, I had dinner with 10 years ago and she said, 'When I've got the right film, I'll do it.'

"She wanted to (do it) but I haven't heard from her in the last couple of years."

Grabowski reveals the magazine also approached Britney Spears,but she wanted a "ridiculous" amount of money to disrobe: "It was too much, let's put it that way."

02/06/2005 03:58