Newly single Halle Berry has found a true friend in CATWOMAN co-star SHARON STONE - because the Basic Instinct actress knows exactly what she's going through in her private life.

Berry split from husband Eric Benet last month (SEP03) and is still coping with the separation, but Stone - who's reeling from her own marriage break-up with journalist Phil Bronstein in July (03) - has been there every step of the way.

OSCAR-winner Halle says, "It was our first sense of commonality - she understood where I'm at and I her, and so we have a really good vibe happening right now.

"We're both very respectful of each other and we kind of give a little therapy back and forth."

And when Halle needs a little extra help she calls on her mum JUDITH, a retired psychiatric nurse.

She says, "I've always appreciated her advice. She's moving out here to California with me now and I feel now that she's getting older I get to take care of her and that's a really good thing."

28/10/2003 17:28