Sexy actress Halle Berry got the ultimate treat from comedian Jay Leno when she paid him a visit on his chat show - a chest rub.

The OSCAR-winning beauty appeared on the TONIGHT SHOW last night (14JUL04) with a horsy voice, explaining she was suffering from a cold. So innovative Leno concocted his own series of get well gifts to help Berry through her ailments.

He gave her a tissue dispenser in the guise of an Oscar statuette, a bottle of JACK DANIELS with a NYQUIL cold medicine label on it and a small tub of JAY'S CHEST-O-RUB.

Leno then said of his own brand of Chest-O-Rub, "You need a middle-aged man to apply that directly on the area."

As Berry allowed Leno to apply the rub - much to the delight of the audience - she sighed, "It smells good... Thank you so much for caring about me."

The funnyman confessed, "You know something? I'm so glad this desk is here right now!"

But Berry has been having fun with her husky voice.

She told Leno, "This sounds is kinda sexy. I wish my voice would kinda stay like this. I kinda like it. It's good."

16/07/2004 01:48