Sexy actress Halle Berry was left terrified on the set of her new movie GOTHIKA - when an intruder tried to barge his way into her luxury rented house.

The OSCAR-winning beauty, who stars alongside Spanish actress PENELOPE CRUZ in the film, was reportedly lying half-naked on a table during a massage session when a trespasser came banging on the back door of her temporary home in Montreal, Canada.

When approached by 36-year-old Halle and her masseuse, the potential intruder ran away, but the MONSTER'S BALL actress was so shaken up she left her mansion and moved into the same hotel as Penelope.

Westmount Constable GILLES LA MAR says, "The person didn't gain entry, no one was harmed and nothing was taken."

Police suspect the intruder could have been a burglar casing the residence, which had been empty before it was rented to screen stunner Berry.

Halle, who has been without husband Eric Benet during filming, rented the deluxe digs because she wanted a backyard for her two white dogs, but as soon as the cops left she packed up and moved out. She has also hired an extra bodyguard.

12/05/2003 09:17