Halle Berry has filed court papers requesting permission to take her daughter Nahla with her in a permanent move to France. The X Men actress, according to Tmz.com most likely intends to move with her fiance, Frenchman Olivier Martinez, to whom she became engaged in recent months. News of their engagement surfaced in January 2012. Tmz have suggested, though that Nahla's father, Gabriel Aubry is furious over Halle's plans.
Berry is already said to be pursuing a court injunction to prevent Gabriel from spending any time with his daughter, amid claims of child endangerment after he is alleged to have pushed Nahla's nanny, when she was holding her. Tmz have also suggested that Halle might be considering the move to France for her and Nahla's safety, as a stalker who broke into her house several times has recently been let out of jail.
Later this year, both Halle Berry and her fiance Olivier Martinez will feature in Dark Tide, a thriller that centres on the story of a professional dive tutor (played by Berry) whose old boyfriend (Martinez) arrives back on the scene and forces her to face her old demons and return to deep waters. She does so, only to find that the creature that killed her former mentor is still lurking in the deep.