Halle Berry's son loves to embarrass her in public.

The 52-year-old actress has daughter Nahla, 11, with former partner Gabriel Aubry and son Maceo, five, with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez and Halle has revealed that Maceo loves to make her squirm by announcing her name to everyone they hear.

Halle told InStyle magazine: ''This is funny - for the last year, my son has been saying my full name really loudly in public like, 'Halle Berry, can you pass me the ketchup?' It's just so embarrassing! He knows it gets a reaction from people, but he can't quite figure out why.''

Halle also revealed she feels ready to take on more acting roles now that both of her children are in school and she believes her acting work helps her to stay connected to her children.

She explained: ''The only thing I want at the end of the day is for my children to say, 'You weren't perfect, you didn't do everything right, but you were a good mom'. I spent almost 10 years being in mom mode. Now that my youngest is starting kindergarten, I feel like I can get back into my life, and that's important. I want to keep challenging myself and proving that I can still follow my passions, take risks, and take on characters who make me feel alive. But I prove that to myself, not to anyone else. I think that's what keeps us young. It keeps me connected to my children because I'm alive in the world. One day they're going to grow up, and I don't want to be the mom who's crying because her kids left. I want to be the mom who says, 'Yes, girl, go fly. Go do you, do your life'.''