Halle Berry wanted to look like a 'Bond Girl' at the Oscars.

The 46-year-old actress - who appeared as Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson in 2002 James Bond movie 'Die Another Day' - almost didn't get to wear her dream Versace dress but it arrived in the nick of time for the ceremony.

She explained to TV talk show host Jay Leno: ''I had a conversation with Donatella Versace and told her that I really want to go to the Oscars as a Bond Girl, if a Bond Girl would go in 2013.

''So she came up with her idea of what it was, but she's out of the country. She put it in a suitcase and shipped it here and I got it the day before the Oscars.

''I had some other dress I was going to wear which was beautiful. But I pulled this out and it fit perfectly and I just thought, 'Wow'. ''

Halle went on to describe the dress as feeling like she was ''wearing a Ferrari''.

Despite her enthusiasm for the metallic gown, the 'Cloud Atlas' star admitted it had a drawback - her arms were ''stuck down'' because it was so constricting.