Halle Berry is ''livid'' with her former manager, who has been accused of sexual abuse.

The 51-year-old actress says she was ''saddened'' at first by allegations against her ex-manager Vincent Cirrincione and is now angry that he used his previous professional relationship with her ''to lure and manipulate innocent women''.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Yesterday I was saddened by the alligations against my former manager, Vincent Cirrincione, but today I'm sick after reading the horrifying detailed accounts of his abuse towards 9 women.

''I'm livid that he used me, and the role model he helped me become, to lure and manipulate innocent, vulnerable women of color for his predatory actions. I'm deeply hurt and I want these woman and countless others to know I see you. I hear you. You matter. I will fight for you (sic).''

Nine minority women have accused the Hollywood manager of sexual harassment and claim he made unwanted sexual advances toward them over a period of two decades.

However, he denied any wrongdoing in a statement to the Washington Post, claiming that all relationships were consensual.

He said: ''We live in a time where men are being confronted with a very real opportunity to take responsibility for their actions. I support this movement wholeheartedly. I have had female clients and employees my entire career in this industry. I have built a reputation for advancing the careers of women of colour. I have had affairs while in committed relationships, ones I am now ashamed to say are coming to light and shading my past and my reputation. I can say without a doubt that I have never used favours, sexual or otherwise, as a reason for managing anyone. I want to make it clear that not one of those relationships were anything but consensual.

''I take responsibility for my part in the situation and I am not here to diminish anyone's feelings or experiences. I apologise to these women, my past and present partner, my clients and employees for the pain this is bringing them. I was under the impression I was living my life as a supportive man to women. It is with a heavy heart that I see now I was wrong.''