Halle Berry is no longer a ''travelling gypsy''.

The 47-year-old actress - who has daughter Nahla, six, from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry, and son Maceo, eight months, with husband Olivier Martinez - is delighted to have landed a role in new TV show 'Extant' because it allows her and her family some stability.

She said: ''My days of being a traveling gypsy have come to an end.

''It's nice to work in a city where my daughter goes to school, and to have her keep her consistency, and not to be in another state working and having to Skype...There are many benefits to what I'm doing now, for my family.''

Halle, who plays an infertile astronaut, Molly Woods, who returns from a space mission pregnant in the drama, appreciates the fact the acting industry has changed in such a way that stars no longer have to limit themselves to just film or television.

She told E! Online: ''Some of the best projects are on television these days. TV is much more interesting in some ways than film now! You know, not to knock film. Because film will always be film. But the quality of television has changed over the years.

''That day of 'I only do movies and I only do film'...Those days are gone. It's now all a shade of grey. We go where the good material is, and if you do movies, you're no longer looked down upon if you do a television show. Because TV is so good. And I love that, because that just gives more opportunity for everybody to work in and out of both of the mediums interchangeably. More chances for us to do good work.''