Hollywood beauty Halle Berry is sick and tired of indignant fans pestering her with their ideas for improving her film roles. The actress reveals she's been bombarded by X-Men addicts offering alternative direction for her character STORM in the hit franchise, and got so fed up with the hassle she begged director Brett Ratner to humour them on the forthcoming second sequel X-MEN: THE LAST STAND. She says, "What I really got a lot and hopefully after this movie I'll stop getting is when X-Men fans run into me on the street they're always really angry with me that Storm doesn't do more. "They really take it out on me personally like I have something to say. They yell, 'Yes you do, and you need to tell them.' They really want to reprimand me and tell me that I'm not making them make Storm better. They say, 'Why doesn't she fly with her cape and not the plane?' They get really indignant with me sometimes. "It was so effective that I sort of get that way with the studio (saying), 'Why doesn't she fly with her cape?!' It was really coming from what I was getting from the people. "Now I fly with a cape and I have an opinion so I really think Brett has saved me from them.