Screen beauty Halle Berry is constantly amazed that she has achieved so much in her career - as she is still regularly confronted with racial aggression.

OSCAR-winner Berry says, "The fact that I'm at a place where most women of colour never arrive is quite a big thing for me. I mean, the odds have been stacked against me my whole life. My entire life has been a struggle.

"I've always been considered a minority and discriminated against. I was made to feel 'black' before I felt like 'Halle' or before I even felt like a woman or, God forbid, an actress. I've been called a nigger straight to my face, - and the last time was just a few years ago! I was floored. The fact that kind of hatred still exists in this country."

The star of upcoming action blockbuster X-Men 2 continues, "But there's so much more subtle, insidious ways that racism occurs here in Hollywood. I don't care what anyone says - they may think it doesn't exist, but it's usually those who aren't black who think that."