OSCAR-winning actress Halle Berry plans to call a truce with estranged husband ERIC BENET - so she can rekindle her relationship with her stepdaughter India.

The MONSTER'S BALL star and R+B hunk Benet went their separate ways last year (03), and while things have been rocky between them friends now say she's hoping to a secure a "friendly peace treaty".

A source tells America's STAR magazine, "Halle was really upset by recent reports that she is a negligent stepmom. Halle was so heartbroken over this.

"She's done everything imaginable to keep her relationship with India strong, but Eric seems determined to run interference. I don't think he can stand to see her happy.

"Halle is tired of all the bickering. She really misses India and wants to start spending time with her again."

17/09/2004 02:36