Halle Berry says race remains a major issue in Hollywood caSting.

The star has accused film studios of making it more difficult for her to find rules because of the colour of her skin.

Berry, 41, has won a best actress Oscar and Silver Bear for Monster's Ball, a Golden Globe and Emmy for her role in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge and countless other awards, but she says this matters little to those with the power to decide who will be the star.

"I shouldn't have had to try so hard to be considered," she said in an interview with the Reuters news agency.

"I should have to stop convincing studios I am right for it - it should be on my acting merit.

"Not having a chance is what I can't live with at this point in my career, I think I have earned that," she added.

Berry is pregnant with her first child and as such faces a voluntary layoff for now.

But she will soon be back on cinema screens as Audrey Burke in Things We Lost In The Fire, in which she plays a widowed woman with two children who invites her husband's best friend to live with the bereaved family.

13/10/2007 19:12:17