American actress Halle Berry has accused Hollywood producers and directors of being prejudiced against black women.

Berry hoped she had made a major breakthrough when she won the Best Actress ACADEMY AWARD in 2002 for her role in MONSTER'S BALL, but she has had to resort to developing films herself to create the kind of parts she wants.

The 38-year-old says, "The struggle for the woman of colour to find good material is still very present, and it's a struggle I fight every day. I try to make the best out of what comes to me but it's going to be about making my own reality really.

"I've been called a n**ger straight to my face...but there's also much more subtle insidious ways that racism occurs here in Hollywood.

"I don't care what anyone says - they may think it doesn't exist, but it's usually those who aren't black who think that."

25/01/2005 14:56