Hollywood star Halle Berry rushed home as soon as she was offered the role of CATWOMAN, so she could share the good news with her stepdaughter India.

OSCAR winner Berry has remained close to the 11-year-old, despite splitting with her father Eric Benet, and was determined India should be the first to find out.

She says, "When I was offered the role I went straight home and told her and she celebrated because as young woman, especially a woman of colour, even at the young age of 11, she knew the importance of that.

"She knew how happy I was and in turn she was thrilled, not only because it was her stepmother who got the role but because she would get to see a powerful woman in one of these films because she was a fan of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, now she would get to see Catwoman.

"She was happy and inspired and loved the movie. I asked if she was sure that it wasn't just because I was her mom but she said no, she really enjoyed it."

03/08/2004 14:06