OSCAR-winning actress Halle Berry is so grateful to her acting coach IVANA CHUBBUCK for helping her achieve success, she recently hosted a party in her Hollywood Hills home for her.

The intimate get-together, attended by such stars as Kate Bosworth, Pink, Eva Mendes, Amy Smart and Garry Shandling on 27 September (04), was to the release of Chubbuck's book, THE POWER OF THE ACTOR: THE CHUBBUCK TECHNIQUE.

Berry says, "She taught me that it's okay to take risks. When I met Ivana, I was afraid to do nudity.

"My first movie I did with her was SWORDFISH, and she said to me, 'You gotta do it. It's your biggest fear. Your hands are behind your back. If you can't really use your body as your instrument and forget what society thinks - forget what you think about yourself, forget all this bulls*** that you have going around in your head trying to be loved and liked by everybody - if you can't let go of that then you're not a real artist.'

"And although that movie seemed like it was gratuitous nudity which it was - it was much deeper for me.

"She helped me become a better woman, a better person, a better actor, and my life is fully enriched because she's in it. She believes in me and I believe in her, which is why tonight, like the best thing I could do is to show her."

06/10/2004 03:19