Halle Berry accused BBC Radio 1 DJ CHRIS MOYLES of "racism" live on air yesterday (18MAY06), after he impersonated a "big, fat black guy" on the show. Berry, who was in the studio with Hugh Jackman to promote X-Men: THE LAST STAND, was quick to pick up on the notorious shock jock's joke. Jackman quipped that the rotund Moyles would be a perfect body double for him, should he ever land the part of James Bond. Moyles said, "Your Bond double? I could definitely do that. Put your hands up in the air! "I'm a black American guy. A big, fat black guy. Put you hands up in the air. I don't wanna be shooting yo a**!" Berry remarked, "Are we having a racist moment here?" To which Moyles hastily replied, "No, no! Not at all!" He later returned to the subject after Berry left the studio, sniping, "'Are we having a racist moment here?' Oh just get over yourself. What the hell was all that about?" A Radio 1 spokesman says, "There wasn't anything racist in what Chris said."