X-Men star Halle Berry has hinted the hit franchise may not end after the third installment this summer, because fans are so enthusiastic for more. X-MEN: THE LAST STAND was supposed to be the final film of the sci-fi series but Berry is adamant more will be produced if demand is great enough. And the former Bond girl is so smitten with her role as STORM in the movies, she'd drop all her future film plans to concentrate on follow-ups. She says, "There's no real significant talk about it but I think if this one did well it would warrant a four. I'm sure the studio would be thinking that the franchise isn't dead and people love X-Men and want to see another one and I think they would (do another one). "I would (do it) as long as I could. I've got some projects now that should keep me busy for the next two or three years if I'm lucky. It's a franchise that I love and a character that I love and now that I have a voice in the movie I really love it. If another great X-Men (film) came along I could probably change my plans."