LATEST: Halle Berry has become the latest actress to dump Hollywood's William Morris Agency (WMA), after controversial comments made by the company's president.

DAVID WIRTSCHAFTER recently offended former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star Sarah Michelle Gellar with his comments in US publication the NEW YORKER surrounding her performance in horror movie The Grudge.

And just two days after her announcement that she is parting ways with WMA as a result, Berry has become the latest star to jump ship, with sources saying she was infuriated by the same 6,000-word TAD FRIEND article.

In the article, the agent is quoted as saying, "She'll give up a little money to get a good director or co-star," to which Friend adds, "thereby essentially buying insurance for her career, which needs burnishing after CATWOMAN."

Wirtschafter also claims the actress reduced her price to land a starring role in the movie PERFECT STRANGER, explaining, "She will be treated as an investor in the film for the difference, and for every dollar she invests she would get a dollar-fifty out of the gross until she recoups a hundred and fifty per cent of her investment."

Berry had also been interviewed for the article, in which she made favourable comments about Wirtschafter.

The OSCAR-winning MONSTER'S BALL star will not be seeking agency representation for the time being.

18/03/2005 19:34