Halle Berry and Kevin Bacon have spoken out against the new ban on sending special DVDs and videos to ACADEMY AWARD voters.

Earlier this month (OCT3), Jack Valenti, president of the MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (MPAA), announced the restrictions as part of a plan to counter film piracy.

But the move has been met with fierce opposition from many corners of the Hollywood industry, with screen beauty Berry insisting she'd never have won the coveted best actress OSCAR had such restrictions been in place two years ago (01).

She says, "I think the small movies will really be affected by it. I know MONSTER'S BALL for me, that never would have been my reality had these tapes not gone out. I know this."

Bacon, meanwhile, disagrees with the move because he never has the time to see all of the nominated films in movie theatres.

He says, "I like the experience of being in a movie theatre way better than I do the experience of watching a movie at home. But when Oscar time rolls around, I can't see all those movies. How can I possibly see everything that has been nominated?"

17/10/2003 19:25