Movie co-stars Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz refused to strip alongside naked extras for a raunchy scene in new movie GOTHIKA, after changing their minds at the last minute.

Despite Berry previously peeling off in SWORDFISH and MONSTER'S BALL, and Cruz stripping in Vanilla Sky and OPEN YOUR EYES - the sexy pair insisted on keeping their underwear on for the steamy shower scene after losing their nerve at the last minute.

Berry laughs, "Penelope and I kind of wimped out. We had pasties while the other ladies stood there naked for hours."

However, the movie beauty insists she's still happy to consider roles that require nudity.

She adds, "My sexuality is a part of me I like to play with and explore. There was a time when I thought that to be taken seriously as an actress I could not really express that part of who I am. But with Swordfish I got a lot more comfortable with my sexuality."

18/11/2003 13:43