Halle Berry bared her breasts in SWORDFISH so she could get past her nudity fears in time for her Oscar-winning role in MONSTER'S BALL.

The actress admits she was terrified of exposing herself on film but knew she'd have to conquer those fears to be comfortable in her graphic sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton.

So Berry signed up to play sexy GINGER in Swordfish so she could go topless and then forget about her nudity issues.

She says, "I'm the first to admit that scene was very exploitive. There was no reason in the world for my character to show her boobs.

"But personally, as an artist, I needed to rid myself of the fear of nudity. I found a safe forum to deal with it. Nobody was touching me. I didn't have a love scene to feel uncomfortable about.

"(It was) 'Just sit there, show 'em, get past my fear and move on. It's the reason the nudity didn't scare me in Monster's Ball.

"I thought, 'They've already seen my t*ts, they're not going to see much more than that, so hey.'"

That said, Berry insists she'll need a better reason to go topless again than she had for Swordfish.

She adds, "I doubt I'd ever show my t*ts again, sitting by the pool, just for the sake of doing it. That moment has passed."