The young star of American movie hit LEMONY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS passed on the role that made Haley Joel Osment a star and spent a day as Harry Potter.

Liam Aiken, 14, is finally tasting movie success after his own series of unfortunate events left him wondering if he was destined to become an actor at all.

He turned down the lead role in The Sixth Sense because the film was "too death-obsessed," and was passed over for Harry Potter after being told he'd got the role.

Aiken recalls, "I flew to England, and a week later I had the role. Then, the next day, I didn't. But I understood; like James Bond, Harry has to be British."

The Potter role eventually went to little-known British actor DANIEL RADCLIFFE.

27/12/2004 01:37