Review of Worry About The Wind Single by Hal


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Hal - Worry About The Wind - Single Review


Worry About The Wind


What on earth is happening? Bubbly flower pop exponents such as the Delays, The Thrills, Keane, Franz Ferdinand and HAL are providing the calm after the storm of the new rock revolution, especially in the case of the latter band, they are producing music that fans of any genre will have trouble turning their back on. Utilizing the experience and know how of esteemed Blur producer Stephen Street; Hal have a

Hal - Worry About The Wind - Single Review

polished and mature sound that would take most bands of this elk two or three albums to achieve. The Dave Allen fronted quartet who hail from just outside Dublin possess the clarity of vocals of The Thrills (Conor Deasy), the tingling instrumentals of the Delays and the dash of melancholy of Snow Patrol, as well conjuring up images of all your favourite pre 70s pop bands.

‘Worry About The Wind’ is a neat track that will see more lighters ignited at a gig than in smoker’s corner at workplaces around the UK at 10.45am on a Monday morning. This track whilst being uplifting instrumentally has mournful and worrisome lyrics at times;

“I keep on thinking about worrying about that time;

you kept on running out, didn’t count the cost.”

The B-side ‘Out Tonight’ will have producers chasing The Thrills out of the studio after recording their next album saying “Excuse me sirs, you forgot this?’, as it is a cousin of Santa Cruz both instrumentally and in the longing and uplifting nature of Allen’s vocals. HAL do not sound as forced as The Thrills, but in this day age it is questionable as to whether this trait is a plus or negative?

David Adair