Haim would never split to go solo.

The 'Want You Back' hitmakers - comprised of sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim - have been working together on music long before they became famous and are adamant they'd continue to play together until the band is no more because they wouldn't be able to do it on their own.

Este said: ''People ask us all the time: 'Do you think you could do this solo.' But I don't think we've ever known anything any different.

''We grew up being really close and, honestly, doing everything together. I always wanted to play music and do something creative, and I knew that if I could, I wanted to do it with Danielle and Alana because they're the closest people in my life and we had the most fun playing music together.''

The trio have just released their new album 'Something to Tell You' and have admitted the LP has some different sounds on it from what fans are probably used to but they wanted to try and incorporate tones that they'd picked up from being on the road over the past four years.

Danielle explained: ''We came off the road after four years straight, feeling really hot as a band. We wanted to get the sounds that we were hearing in our head but organically.''

Este added to Q magazine: ''We've gone from having no knowledge to being completely obsessed with tones.''