Haim are obsessed with Percy Pigs.

The LA rockers have admitted to wanting the pink chewy pig face-shaped sweets as soon as they land in the UK, and they go through bags and bags of the calorific treats.

Alana Haim told Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson: ''I've literally gone through five bags of Percy Pigs in the last 24 hours. I'm obsessed. Plus I've just discovered that there's a new bag with Percy and friends. Amazing.''

It isn't just the chewy sweets Haim look forward to when visiting Britain because they are also fans of chicken chain Nando's and Japanese restaurant Wagamama.

The group have described the UK as their ''second home'' as they have an ''amazing experience'' every time they visit, and they were particularly excited to spot Kendrick Lamar on a recent trip.

Este Haim said: ''There was one point where we literally held hands and ran together to go and see Kendrick Lamar. We love him. He's from our hometown in LA so it made us feel right home.''