Hailee Steinfeld ''begged'' 'Pitch Perfect' producers to wait for her to fly to Los Angeles because she didn't trust auditioning for the movie online.

The 21-year-old actress and singer was desperate for a part in the hit movie but was worried about losing internet connection during her audition so she convinced the team to wait for her to make it to LA.

She said: ''I heard that there was a part for me, and I was actually away making another movie, and I begged for them to wait for me to get to Los Angeles so I could come in and audition. They suggested doing a Skype [video call] audition, but I was so freaked out about that, because I figured I'd lose internet connection in the middle of the audition and then it would just be terrible! So they waited for me to get to LA and I auditioned, then a week later, I was there [on set].''

And Hailee - who plays Emily in 'Pitch Perfect' 2 and 3 - doesn't ''want to believe that'' the films are over and she is hoping there is a feature for the Bellas somewhere.

Speaking on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, she added: ''I don't wanna believe that [this is the last sequel]. I obviously don't know anything for sure, but ... hopefully. It's hard to believe that it's entirely over for them [the Bellas].''

It comes after Anna Kendrick - who plays Beca in the movie franchise - said she would be up for at least four more movies ''if it was up to her''.

She shared: ''If it were up to us, we'd be like, four, five, six, seven [films], but it's probably good that it's not up to us because we don't have ideas! But we wanted to make it a satisfying ending [for Pitch Perfect 3], if it is the ending, so we're treating it like the ending and hopefully we will get to work together again some day.''