Hailee Steinfeld, the 14-year-old actress and star of the new Coen Brothers movie 'True Grit', has been praised by co-star Jeff Bridges for her 'remarkable' performance in the film, reports MTV News. Steinfeld plays the film's young leading lady 'Mattie Ross' in the first major role of her career.
The actress' performance has created a buzz in the movie world, especially considering she carries much of the first section of the film on her own. Her co-star JEFF BRIDGES says he was impressed by the intensity of the youngster's performance on set, saying, "What a tough, challenging role for a seasoned actor. All that dialogue, kind of tricky way of speaking. Thirteen-year-old girl, never been in a movie, and she comes up with that performance", adding, "Isn't that remarkable?" Steinfeld was surrounded by ACADEMY AWARD winning actors and directors but Bridges insists she was undaunted appearing alongside the likes of Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. Last year's 'Best Actor' winner at The Oscars said that the 14-year-old didn't need tips from the more experienced actors, adding, "I always appreciate a tip from some guy, one of the other players, but no, I let her run free. The brothers directed her beautifully".
'True Grit' opened in the US on Wednesday (22nd December 2010) and is set to hit cinemas in the UK on 11th February 2011.