Hailee Steinfeld has admitted she is a ''very private person''.

The 21-year-old singer and actress has been involved in numerous dating rumours recently with the likes of Justin Bieber and Niall Horan, and whilst she is pleased her fans ''care enough'' about her to ask questions about her personal life, she would rather they respected her ''boundaries''.

Speaking to Us Weekly about recent rumours of a romance between her and 24-year-old One Direction singer Niall, she said: ''I feel so lucky that [my fans] care enough about me to know what I'm doing every second of every day, but I think that sometimes it's hard for people in general to realise that there are boundaries to a person's life and personal life.

''I am a very private person. I do love that I have the opportunity to share with them what I'm comfortable with and they're there to listen and support me.''

The 'Pitch Perfect 3' actress didn't comment further on the rumours, which started when the 'Slow Hands' hitmaker shared a touching tribute to Hailee on Instagram for her birthday last month.

He wrote at the time: ''Happy birthday to the loveliest person on the planet and one of my best friends. Have no idea what the hell is going on in this photo. Love ya hails (sic)''

And she replied in a comment: ''I don't either but it makes me really happy. Thank you niall james (sic)''

Previously, sources clarified that Hailee and Justin Bieber were ''just friends'', after romance rumours surfaced in May last year, as at the time she was dating Cameron Smoller and had no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with Justin.

Meanwhile, the 'Starving' hitmaker previously admitted she was left unimpressed by her first kiss, because she set her expectations ''way too high''.

Speaking about her first kiss, she said: ''The summer going into 6th grade. I set my expectations waaay too high.''