Hailee Steinfeld was unimpressed with her first kiss.

The 20-year-old singer and actress has admitted she first locked lips when she was about to start secondary school, but confessed she was bitterly disappointed by the intimate moment because her expectations were ''way too high''.

Speaking about the romantic encounter in the December issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the brunette beauty said: ''The summer going into 6th grade. I set my expectations waaay too high.''

The 'Starving' hitmaker - who signed her first record deal with Republic Records in 2015 - says she feels her sexiest when she is onstage performing.

She said: ''I'm onstage performing for my fans.''

And the star is keen to collaborate with rapper Drake on a track in the future.

Asked who the artist she dreams of partnering with is, she simply said: ''Drake.''

Hailee is set to reprise her role as Emily Junk in 'Pitch Perfect 3' alongside Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow, which is slated for release next month, and the star has revealed if she could cast any celebrity in her fictitious acapella group The Barden Bellas, it would be Chrissy Teigen.

Asked who she would like to join her in the all-female singing troop, she said: ''Chrissy Teigen.''

The 'True Grit' star is set for a busy year ahead as she has been cast in the upcoming 'Transformers' spin-off movie 'Bumblebee'.

Speaking previously, film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said: ''We had decided to do this well before 'The Last Knight' had come out.

''Our feeling was that we wanted to give the audience a different experience. Bumblebee's designed to be a more intimate movie.

''What we're trying to do is deliver, a love story may be too strong of a term, but it is a coming of age for Bumblebee and our lead character, Hailee Steinfeld.''