Hailee Steinfeld believes in love at first sight.

The 'Romeo & Juliet' actress has revealed she is a true romantic at heart.

The 16-year-old Oscar-nominee told People magazine: ''It's easy to see someone and think they're a really beautiful person.''

But the actress's British co-star Douglas Booth, 21, isn't convinced.

He said: ''It think it takes a little but of getting to know someone to fall in love... but (screenwriter/producer) Julian Fellowes proposed to his wife 20 minutes after meeting her, so it is possible.''

The duo formed a close bond on the set of their new movie but Hailee, who fell off a horse while shooting the film, previously admitted she found it awkward to lock lips with Douglas on camera for the new adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy.

She recently said: ''This movie had my first dying scene, which was pretty intense ... [And the kissing scenes were] awkward, because you have to forget that there are 10 or 15 people standing watching you. It was embarrassing.''